Alaric's Projects

0.5" crochet needle (double ended)

Ewt wants bigger crochet needles, and since I can get 0.5" aluminium rod for about GBP 4.85 for two metres, I'll be able to make 20cm long needles for about 50p of materials and some time with a needle file getting the hook right. One to Ewt in exchange for the inspiration and a chunky crocheted object (not sure what yet), one to Sarah's mother as a present, and I've still got 160cm of aluminium rod to play with! Yay!

Status update: I had a go with some 5mm dia aluminium rod and made a crochet hook. With no power tools, an hour's filing got me to the desired shape, although I didn't have a file fine enough to get the hook as sharp as I'd have liked. It could also do with sanding down to a smoother finish. But it tells me that the theory is correct...

Desk Tidy

For Sarah's mother's birthday I thought I'd make her a desk tidy. She does lots of sewing and the like and has a big cluttered desk covered in cotten reels, little tools, pins, and so on.

I've taken some of the fat copper pipe used in plumbing (not the thin stuff - the stuff you find near to the boiler) because it's cheap from B&Q and used a hacksaw to cut off lengths, which I am silver-soldering together in a shape like the Olympic logo. This assembly will then be soldered onto a small round baking tray as a base, taking up the rear half, along with a few longer tubes made of normal 15mm thin plumbing pipe for pencils and knitting needles and stuff. The front half is going to contain a pincushion made of fabric swatches taken for free from a stall selling curtains, filled with stuffing, and attached to the tray beneath with Velcro.

I am getting better at the soldering.

Hamster cage

I'm making an outer frame of aluminium. Aluminium flat bars form the rectangular top and bottom, and extruded angle sections form the corners, making a 1m high, 350mmx240mm or so cuboidal frame.

I will then use extruded channel section to put shelving ledges inside (along the long axis) at various positions in order to support platforms.

Since the top/bottom and shelving ledges all go *inside* the external angles, there is then a space for clear plastic sheet (3mm) to go down. Little flaps joined to the outside of the angle pieces to keep the sheeting in there, and it'll be able to slide up to open the cage.

I'll drill some vent holes in the side for air to get out, and will force air in with a small fan at the top level.

Possible joint table project with Tamsin

Currently in discussion. Combining her l33t table top skills with me ph3ars0m3 metal joining powers, we hope to make a sturdy and attractive table that can be unbolted into flat-pack for moving around.

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