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Current projects

  • Summer dress. Going well - cast off at the top and now have to do the straps. I'm then going to pick up at the bottom & knit a hem in something heavier, as it's curling rather too much. You could try knitting some beads into the hem to weigh it down, too. --Kake Yup, but it's also a bit short, so I'll see how the hem of thicker stuff goes first :-) Beads might be nice as well, though... April 2005 & still haven't finished this! I intend to pick it up again Real Soon Now, in the hope that it might be wearable in the summer this time...
  • Another vest-top - I've found a picture of a lace pattern that would look really nice in the blue cotton perle I've got. And I have finally found a pattern for it! It's called "flame chevron" - picture here, pattern instructions here (although I shall not be using that T-shirt pattern, just the stitch pattern). Now started, although have had several false starts.
  • When I went home for Christmas I inherited a half-knit cardigan that my mother started on some time ago. The pattern (with pic) is from a 1989 Womens' Weekly, so we assume it was around then that she last went anywhere near it. She suggested ripping it back & using the wool for something else, but as I don't wear wool myself (& wasn't desperately keen on the colour - light beige), I thought I'd make something for her. And since she likes the pattern & it's already started, I might as well finish it off. It is likely to take some time - it's in 4-ply, with 3.25mm needles, & a bobble pattern that's quite time-consuming. However, I'm now about to start the 2nd sleeve - unfortunately, I'm going to run out of yarn. Am off to John Lewis to see if I can find something close enough, & then rip out the cuffs/waistband and reknit those in the new yarn, using the rest of the old for the 2nd sleeve.

Planned projects

  • Scarf for jdc - he wants something red/purple, possibly with shiny bits. Which might well be a good use for some of the silvery fake-mohair I have. However, I'm thinking of using the Colinette Giotto in Florentina, which may be quite shiny enough already without. We'll see when I get hold of the yarn.
  • Mum has offered to pay for yarn so I can make my sister a version of the hooded jumper I made myself.
  • I really, really want to make this hooded jumper for myself. So much so that I have forked over *actual cash* for the pattern. I may even buy brand new yarn from a real shop, as well, rather than getting stuff off Ebay & in cheap offers from online shops. Cor.
  • I like some of these 1940s patterns from the V&A, particularly this v-neck jumper and these fishnet stockings.

Finished projects

  • A bag for myself in moss stitch, from the cotton I had left over from jess' cardigan. Just big enough to hold wallet, keys, & phone - it's for keeping them easy to get at when they're in my cycle pannier bag.
  • hooded top for myself in purple Rowan Linen Drape. Doesn't currently fasten at the front, & I fear it may be a little large after all - am going to wash it a couple of times & then see. It might need reknitting :-/
  • Vest-top for myself, from the pink cotton tape I got from the Secret Santa. Constructed the pattern based on a vest-top I currently own. If I knitted it again I'd put *slightly* more increases in around the bust, & decrease slightly faster after the armhole castoff. I'm actually thinking of ripping the top back & doing this. It needs dyeing, as the pink wound up very very pink indeed once knitted up. I learnt to purl backwards doing the straps for this.
  • Jumper for Ben, in black cotton chenille on 4.5mm, top-up seamless (pattern guideline from Jacqueline Fee's The Sweater Workshop book). The sleeves, once it was washed, wound up a little too long, so I'm going to have to cut 2 inches or so out & graft them back together.
  • Jumper for Pete (in black, of course). Top-down and in the round, from this pattern guideline . The body felt quite slow going - I think if I did something top-down & in the round again, I'd want it to have some sort of pattern, not just plain stockinette. Somehow knitting feels quicker when you have some sort of feel of progress through rows, & the body was just roundandroundandround. The sleeves, where there's a decrease every inch or so (not to mention just having fewer stitches!) went easier, and much quicker.
  • Top for myself, to this pattern, but in [Shadow Rib]?. I learnt three-needle bindoff from this (for the shoulders), which is *ace* & much tidier than sewing shoulder seams. I wasn't intending to knit the edging to the armholes, but in the end decided it looked better. One of them I cast off slightly tight (a common failing of mine), so might do it again. I thought that the neck edging might need to be ripped back & reknit slightly larger, as well, but after wearing it it seems OK. I'll see how it is when it comes out of the wash.
  • Scarf for myself from the skein of lovely green/purple/red Colinette Fandango yarn Marna gave me. Garter stitch (the yarn is so fuzzy that anything more complicated is a waste of time) on 12mm needles.
  • [Cardigan for jess]? for her birthday - bought thick white cotton yarn and dyed it grey (took a couple of goes to get a decent colour!). I heavily adapted a pattern I found online - I'll put the pattern up here soon. Learnt mattress stitch sewing this up.
  • Scarf for my Dad for Christmas - two shades of blue, in 2x2 rib.
  • Beaded necklaces for my mother (picture doesn't show it too well, sadly) & sister.
  • [Socks]? for jess & Pete for Christmas.
  • Scarf for Ben for Christmas - black cotton chenille, with stripes of silver acrylic "mohair" & black eyelash knitted in with the chenille. Moss stitch (I like moss stitch).
  • Hooded jumper from Knitty (I made mine in all black). Very fond of this - the first thing I'd knitted in years, & it fits & everything!

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