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I have been talking to some people at Hammersmith hospitals about us doing some crafting for them. There are several options:

Friends of Charing Cross Hospital have a shop where they sell handmade baby and childrens' clothing. They will provide us with any double knitting yarn we need to make them things - ie they will pay for it and get it for us and I will pick it up from the hospital (it's close to my house). They will also buy patterns if anyone needs them. I do already have a few suitable patterns and will bring them to the next meeting. They're mostly interested in things for toddlers and older - 22 inch chest and up - since most of their knitters make baby clothes, and people are always asking them for things for their baby's older siblings.

Queen Charlotte's Hospital accept hats and blankets for their premature babies. The amounts of yarn needed for this are tiny. They are getting me some recommended patterns, but as a guideline the babies' heads can be as small as golf balls! I am certainly going to do some of these with some of my remnants of nice yarn.

There is also a possibility of some of their chemotherapy patients being interested in cool and funky hats to cover their heads after chemo-related hair loss. My contact is investigating this.

I can only knit squares at the moment - could I make a blanket out of squares stitched together? -- Lucy

I see no reason why not! Although you could just keep going on your square and knit a rectangle - premature babies really are very tiny. --Kake

I just came across this, If someone wants to use fancier yarn or somesuch for any of these projects I'm happy to sponsor it, it sounds like a really nice thing to do folks --Greg

According to my mum, who is currently spending far too much time being very very bored in hospital, the Missions for Seamen want warm hats and jumpers. It seems that people from tropical countries signing up to crew merchant vessels are unaware that it can be, errm, a bit cold in the north Atlantic! --[Evil Dave]?

Potential patterns

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