Crochet Mitred Squares

This is a technique I stole from knitting - see mitred squares. It allows you to sort of crochet round corners. Now, this is not as useful in crochet as it is in knitting, since we can already crochet round corners - see for example [granny squares]?. But mitred squares let you work in a different direction and so open up additional design possibilities when combined with colour.

As far as I know, nobody else has done this. Although they may well have done it and just not put it on the interweb.


See how the stripes go? I don't know of any other crochet technique that will let you do this easily. And the idea is so simple. You "cast on" both black edges, then work in the stitch of your choice, but incorporate two decreases in the middle of every other row. This gradually forms a corner and pulls each half of the row round so they end up at right angles to each other. I use the [foundation stitch]? "cast-on" in order to have a stretchy edge and so stop the corner from being pulled too tight.

You will probably need to add extra decreases in order to make a perfect square. The number of extra decreases will depend on your yarn and your stitch. For the swatch above, I needed to add two extra decreases every third stripe. Here is how I worked it.


  • dc = UK double crochet = US single crochet
  • 2 dc tog = 2 dc together = (insert hook in next stitch, draw up a loop) twice, yarn round hook, pull through all loops on hook
  • Row 1 (colour A): "Cast on" by working 38 stitches in dc [foundation stitch]?.
  • Row 2 (colour A): 17 dc, 2 dc tog, 2 dc tog, 17 dc (36 st).
  • Row 3 (colour B): dc to end.
  • Row 4 (colour B): 16 dc, 2 dc tog, 2 dc tog, 16 dc (34 st).
  • Row 5 (colour A): 15 dc, 2 dc tog, 2 dc tog, 15 dc (32 st).
  • Row 6 (colour A): 14 dc, 2 dc tog, 2 dc tog, 14 dc (30 st).
  • Row 7 (colour B): dc to end.
  • Row 8 (colour B): 13 dc, 2 dc tog, 2 dc tog, 13 dc (28 st).
  • Row 9 (colour A): dc to end.
  • Row 10 (colour A): 12 dc, 2 dc tog, 2 dc tog, 12 dc (26 st).
  • Row 11 (colour B): 11 dc, 2 dc tog, 2 dc tog, 11 dc (24 st).
  • Row 12 (colour B): 10 dc, 2 dc tog, 2 dc tog, 10 dc (22 st).

(etc - you get the idea)

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