Doomed Legwarmers

Note to self: find out about this elastic stuff as I ph34r it is your only hope.

The Legwarmer Project.

PHASE ONE: 1 x striped dark/light pink ball of wool. Ist legwarmer attempted on 4mm/6mm straight needles in ahem, stockinette. 2nd half attempted on 4.5mm circular needles.


  1. Didn't make enough in terms of length.
  2. The tops curl over in a slouchy way. This is not good when it reveals wonky coloured-stitching on the other side.


Legwarmer Project Number Two/

PHASE TWO ALPHA: 1 x ball of black sparkly wool. 1st legwarmer on 4mm straight needles. 2nd half of legwarmer attempting on the same 4.5mm circulars.


  1. Attempting to seam up the ones done 'on the flat' after several pints in the pub, whilst not knowing how to seam at all. I still wear them home, but in the cold light of day they look ridiculous.
  2. Casting on 55 stitches at the top is WAY to big for my legs, causing legwarmers to fall a little beyond acceptable. Arses.

1, Undo the ones done flat. Redo on circulars with 45 stitches cast on. Oh dear. This stretches the wool rather a lot.

  1. Cast off very tightly to try and avoid the falling down too much problem.
  2. Cast off too tightly and cannot get legwarmer over heel.

Legwamer Project Number Three:

About to commence. Will try 50 stitches on straight needles as the wool has been pretty stretched anyway.

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