Double Knitting Technique

Double knitting is a way of knitting both sides of a doubled fabric at the same time. On each row, you knit alternate stitches only, slipping the others purlwise with yarn in front.

If you work only the centre stitches in double knitting (see the baby blanket link below) then you'll get an extra-thick fabric with stockinette showing on both sides. If you double-knit right to the ends then what you'll actually get is a tube of stockinette - though it will be closed at the cast-on end.

Kake notes: I've only used this for stockinette so far but plan to experiment further when I have fewer things on the needles. Stockinette and reverse stockinette may be its most useful uses, since the other simple stitch patterns - such as garter, rib, moss stitch - are already reversible. Colour work might be interesting though. [Mosaic Knitting]? might be the easiest colour technique to make work.


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