Kake's Big Shiny Purple Cushion

This is very simple, just a square cushion cover. The cushion measures roughly 120cm around when fully fluffed. I got 70cm of some very nice shiny purple fabric (120cm wide) from John Lewis, trimmed the edges to be square (they just ripped it in the shop, and that made it into a trapezium - don't ask me how), folded it in half, and sewed it up. I did a double seam in an attempt to contain any fraying edges.

I wasn't sure until I'd got that far how I wanted to close it up. I decided on a zip. I bought one, but then I lost it, and my sewing machine's broken anyway. So this counts as a stalled project, even though it's actually in use.

Photo of the cushion; the colour in this one is pretty true. Closeup to show the texture a bit better; the colour in this one is off.

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