Kake's Knitted Armadillo

This is supposed to be for Bob. Inspired by a knitted armadillo shawl in the [Wild Knitting]? book (which I must remember to get back from Sarah).

Yarn: purple and black [Jaeger Matchmaker Merino]?.

An armadillo: http://www.rockkansas.com/downloads/wallpaper/armadillo-wallpaper.jpg


Tried blister stitch but the bubbles come out the wrong way for an armadillo (the circles should go in not out).

Then tried [mosaic knitting]?, which is a bit too flat. Trying it again using purls instead of knits for the spots looks too messy.

Mosaic knitting swatch (with 4st garter stitch border):

  • Colour A is foreground (spots) - purple. Colour B is background - black.
  • Row 1 (B): K to end.
  • Row 2 (B): K4, P to last 4 st, K4.
  • Row 3 (A): K4, s2pwyib, *(K1, s4pwyib), rep from * to last 4 st, K4.
  • Row 4 (A): K4, s3pwyif, *(P3, s2pwyif), rep from * to last 8 st, P3, s1pwyif, K4.
  • Row 5 (B): K5, *(s3pwyib, K2), rep from * to last 5 st, K5.
  • Row 6 (B): K4, P3, *(s3pwyif, P2), rep from * to last 8 st, s3pwyif, P1, K4.
  • Row 7 (A): K4, s1pwyib, *(K3, s2pwyib), rep from * to last 5 st, s1pwyib, K4.
  • Row 8 (A): As row 4.
  • Row 9 (B): As row 5.
  • Row 10 (B): K4, *(P4, s1pwyif), rep from * to last 11 st, s1pwyif, P2, K4.
  • Row 11 (B): K to end.
  • Row 12 (B): K4, P to last 4 st, K4.

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