Kake's Noro Blanket

A large blanket made with the Noro Iro I had after unravelling Kake's Noro Coat - The Sequel.

I made it in four quarters using 7mm needles and the Lion Brand diagonal tweed blanket pattern (see BugMeNot for username/password), amended like so:

  • Cast on 5 st
  • Row 1: K to end
  • Subsequent rows: S1P, K2, yo, K to end
  • Repeat until 1/8 of all yarn is used (or 1/2 if you're not making 4 quarters)
  • Subsequent rows: S1P, K1, SSK, yo, SSK, K to end
  • When 7 st remain: S1P, K1, SSK, SSK, K
  • Cast off remaining 5 st


  • K = knit
  • st = stitch
  • S1P = slip 1 purlwise
  • SSK = slip 1 knitwise, slip another 1 knitwise, insert left needle into front of both slipped stitches, knit these 2 slipped stitches together
  • yo = yarn over
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