Kake's ZigZag Beaded Bracelet

The pattern (from rubysbeadwork.com)

I used Ruby's ball and loop closure but without the loop, since the pattern is loopy anyway, and it was already the right size and I didn't want to add more length. I had to use four seed beads instead of three to cover the ball.

Beads are from jillybeads - petrol iris mix 2mm (40g for £1.75) - photo of the beads

Thread is from jillybeads - black beading thread (cord) (1 reel for £1.00) - photo of the thread

Fine beading needle from jillybeads (maybe a little too fine; I kept bending them).

Completed Tuesday 27 August 2003. It has stretched rather since, unfortunately, and the loops are a bit too big to keep the ball in the closure. So not exactly a success.

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