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Items I'm not sure how to use

  • two transparent plastic star-shaped boxes made to hang from things

You could use them as moulds for bathbomb type things (or soap, or candles...)


  • a smallish piece of blue and white striped handmade felt
  • lots of ribbon - maybe ribbon corsages?

idea for evening bags

spiral rope chain beading for strap. sew bag out of fabric of some sort, using co-ordinating bias tape to hide interior seams and possibly bind edges, eliminating both need for lining and visible hemming. decorate bag with beads, sequins, embroidery, etc. Would take a while but be very nice when done.


white good-quality card-stock, cut to size. get small sheet of origami paper, in bright colour. Stick to card. get small piece of white paper, slightly smaller than origami sheet, which has design/stencil/collage/whatever on it. Attach. include envelopes.

  • tiny tulip collage
  • felt snowman
  • bead star
  • angel collage
  • crown stencil/stamp
  • silver-foil-writing
  • bead flower with felt leaf
  • small cross-stitch piece - holly leaf?


I have a bent=straw spiral wreath. I can decorate it with

  • ribbons
  • felt flowers or leaves
  • dried leaves and flowers
  • strings of beads
  • shells

  • Fimo ornaments
  • Fimo things for cards
  • Fimo magnets
  • fimo things for hairclips

  • banner for Cam troll characters (Ed)
  • banner for Shards (agree design?)

More soon.

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