Sarah's Mesh Crochet Pattern

Open Mesh Crochet Pattern

Multiple of 3+2.

Row 1: (1tr, 3 ch, 1tr) into 5th chain from hook * miss 2 ch (1tr, 3ch, 1tr) into next ch, rep from * ending 1tr into last ch, 3 ch turn

Row 2: (1tr, 3 ch, 1tr) into each 3 ch. loop, ending 1tr into top of turning ch, 3 ch, turn.

It make nice pretty mesh pattern that even I can do. Cor blimey! Give it a bish, it's v easy. I don't have it as tight as I'd like though so hem hem I shall EXPERIMENT with tension and er... those other things I've heard about on "the circuit". Cheers!

Kake adds that this is also nice if you alternate between two colours, changing every row.

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