Sarah's Projects

  • **I am 'in-between' projects at the moment. I have just completed my first Branching Out ( in some stash brown baby merino wool from Jaeger (originally intended for a crochet baby hat, but it seems that never panned out) and it needs blocking out.
  • **I have also knitted an owl. Will make a wiki page on this too. 2d owl, knitted in relief on a background of stocking stitch using a nifty little cabling method. If done in cotton imagine would be v good for dishcloths.
  • ** I have a pair of Tropicana socks to finish - had to hide them after a traumatic short row shaping incident but think I feel strong enough to resume now...

Stuff I might like to make:

I really like the 'prism' baguette pattern, but 6 for a knitting pattern?? That's how much I'd want to spend on the WOOL! Ha, I have no concept of "pay more for quality" I suppose. But seriously. I might just look at some fair isle graphs and see if I can find anything similar and nick the colour scheme... or I might just commit INTERNET FRAUD boo sigh.

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