Sirdar Wow

A honking great big chenille/velvet type yarn. Approx 3.60 a skein.

Technical details

  • 100% Polyester (40 Mild Machine Wash)
  • Tension: 8sts and 15 rows using 7mm knitting needles = 10cm square (Kake gets a slightly looser gauge on 7mm needles of 6st per 9cm.)
  • 100 gram ball = 58 metres



Our comments

Kake comments: I don't get on well with most man-made fibres, but I do quite like this stuff. It seems to leave a small amount of plasticky residue on my hands after I've been knitting with it for say an hour, but this isn't excessively unpleasant. My swatch was quite happy in the washing machine and the tumble drier, gauge didn't shift a bit. It can be a little stiff to knit with. I'm making a jumper for doop from it in black using a K3P3 rib, and in low light conditions the sheen sometimes makes it hard to distinguish the knit from the purl! I've seen a display garment done up in the Imperial Purple shade and it is gorgeous, incredibly vibrant colour.

Baby cable rib looks very good in this.

The yarn is constructed from a twisted 2-ply core with short lengths stuck between the plies at right angles. These short lengths are not attached in any other way, so if you untwist the yarn they come out. This leads to a lot of shedding from cut ends, but it also makes it very easy to darn in the ends unobtrusively - just untwist them, pull out the bits, and suddenly the diameter is tiny and the ends are easily hidden.

It's easier to crochet this than knit it. It's quite stiff to knit.

Sarah adds: (Eey Kake, with what size hook?) - Somewhere around 6mm, I think. --Kake

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