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So, I bought this cheap white cotton buttoned shirt at Primark. I didn't bother trying it on, since it was only 4. It didn't fit - too tight across the bust. So, it sat about at home for a while, until recently I decided enough was enough, and this shirt was going to earn its keep. I got out my sewing machine, some pale green and white checked fabric, and the shirt, and started to edit it.

First I cut open the side seams of the shirt. I messed around with the checked fabric and eventually made inserts out of it, one for each side. I hoped this would increase the fabric available for covering my chest.

I had lots left, and I thought it needed a little more of the insert fabric. I toyed with the idea of covering all the buttons in it, but in the end I cut bias strips and wundawebbed them to the collar, so the collar was all edged in green check too.

It looks pretty good, but it's still a tiny bit tight over the chest. I don't know what else to do, though, and the original shirt was so cheap and cheerful that the fabric is rather seethrough. I'll have to invest in a flesh-coloured bra if I ever want to wear the thing!

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