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* [[Beadwork Patterns, Stitches and Information]] (Bead links moved here from Patterns Online, not including bead knitting/crochet.)
* [[Beadwork Patterns, Stitches and Information]] (This seems to partially duplicate the function of 'Patterns Online'. Should I put the information back in there? [[Lucy]]) (I would suggest moving the bead-related links out of Patterns Online into the Beadwork Patterns page - and long term to move say the knitting pattern links to their own page too, to make it easier to find stuff. --[[Kake]])

This is the wiki for the London.crafts mailing list/sewing circle. The administrator of this wiki is Kake. Please feel free to add useful links and notes to this wiki.

The first ever meeting of our circle was on Sunday 10 August 2003 at Kake's house. The next one will be in Bermondsey, on Sunday 21 September 2003.

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