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How To Use The Wiki

How to edit pages

Just click "Edit this page" in the navbar at the left of the page, and start typing. When you've finished, click "Preview changes" to see how it will look (scroll down; the preview is below the editing form (unless you've told it not to be)), and when you're happy with it, click "Save changes".

How to make pages

To create a new page, just click "Create New Page" in the navbar at the left of the page. This will give you a box to type the name of your page, then click "Go" and it will put you at an editing form where you can start typing.

Another way to create a new page is to make a link to the page on an existing page, save that page, and then click on the little question mark at the side of the link.

How to rename pages

You can't rename pages, but you can make a new page and copy the content from the old page into the new one. Then you can either make the old page redirect to the new one by deleting all the content of the old page and replacing it with

#REDIRECT[[Name Of The New Page]]
, or mark the old page for deletion by giving it a category of "Delete Me".

How to format text

(You might find it easier to edit this page to take a peek at how the formatting works.)


Headings are enclosed in ='s







Lists use the * key.

  • Item 1
    • subItem 1.1
    • subItem 1.2
    • SubItem 1.3
  • Item 2
    • subItem 2.1
    • subItem 2.2
    • * subsubItem 2.2.1
    • * subsubItem 2.2.2
    • * subsubItem 2.2.3
    • SubItem 2.3
  • Item 3
  • Item 4
  • Item 5

Inline Images

Just use a normal HTML image tag


web links just work: http://www.london-crafts.org

Other Info

There are some more examples here that might work:


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