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To fit one me. Not yet finished knitting it, so may still be subject to change (I've already ripped back & changed things once).

Gauge: (can't remember, will check). Knit in stst in the round up to the underarms, then back and forth (front and back separately).

  • Cast on 140st - place side marker after 70st.
  • Join round, being careful not to twist the row, placing a start marker at the join.
  • K 9 rows straight.
  • Decrease row next and then every 8th row 4 more times: (from start marker) k1, ssk, k to 3 st before side marker, k2tog, k2, ssk, k to 3 st before start marker, k2tog, k1. (120 st)
  • K 27 rows straight.
  • Increase row next and then 15th row: increase one st on each side of each marker. (128 st)
  • K 11 rows straight.
  • Cast off 2 st each side of markers (i.e. 8 st total). (120 st)
  • Put back st (60 st) onto stitch holder. Knit front st (60 st) back & forth from here.
  • Decrease 1 st each edge every 3rd row 8 times (44 st). Slip-stitch edging. K one more row, cast off.
  • Repeat last step for back.
  • Straps? I-cord?

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