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I need washable cotton slippers in various sizes (for houseguests).

Attempt 1

Knitted moccasin slippers using my Italian 6-ply cotton and 5mm needles. These are OK, I guess, but a bit shapeless. They might be better with stretchier yarn such as wool, but I need to be able to wash these at a high temperature, so I'm basically stuck with cotton, which is fairly inflexible.

Attempt 2

The above, but with doubled-up yarn and 4.5mm needles. This was better; they were stiffer and actually stood up on their own. They ended up too small for me, though, so I abandoned this pattern because Sarah had pointed out...

Attempt 3

Mountain Form slippers. I initially tried them as-written but hated the heel bump and the asymmetry of the KTBL (knit through back of loop) line. I started again using patternwhisperer's heel mod and Judy's magic cast-on, and eliminating the KTBL. I also did a hard-to-explain thing at the start of the rib section, pulling up the stitch from the row below and purling it with the current stitch, to eliminate a hole at the right of the joined part.

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