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Started in mid-June 2007. Then I abandoned it because I am never actually going to wear them.
Started in mid-June 2007.
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Along the same lines as Kake's First Pair Of Socks, knitted in the yarn left over from Kake's Rainbow Hemp Jumper.

Vital statistics: 2.5mm needles, 28-st long provisional cast-on, 12 stitches left unwrapped in middle (i.e. 8 wrapped on each side) at both toe and heel.

Heel knitted with yarn doubled, for strength.

Due to the stripes, I used a form of broken rib for the ribbing: I used a normal K3P3 rib for most of the rows, but plain K for the round after changing colour, since I don't like the way the purl bumps look on rounds where you change colour. This may have been a mistake, since it stopped the rib from drawing in properly. Will see how it turns out when they're done.

Photo to come!

Started in mid-June 2007.

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