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NB I do not do any other crafts, although I do have a Miffy beginners cross-stitch pattern (unopened). Oh apart from some crochet but my "skill" at that is even more neglible, sigh.

Is this thing on?

Hello, I'm Sarah. I thought it would be nice if a bunch of incompetents got together and did knitting things, with cake. Then Kake actually did something about it, and I found out that there's an amazing amount of crafty people amongst my acquaintance! I am a beginner. I know nuzzink.

What I am making:

1 x stripey pink legwarmers, following a recipe from

After this I shall make ANOTHER pair, following a Sally Melville pattern in her book, the Knit Stitch. Does normal HMTL work here I wonder? I'll link later. I think they shall be a DEEP BROWN colour or something a little more sensible that is still silly.

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