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* Marna (I like lots of things!)
* Marna
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People signed up so far:

  • ewt
  • Juliet (I knit, but am vegan so don't use wool, & don't get on with 100% acrylic (though 50-50 cotton/acrylic mix is fine). Also sew, & have just started playing with beadwork a bit.)
  • Marna
  • Kirsten
  • Kake
  • Tamsin
  • Sarah (who adds that she only does wee bits of knitting and crochet therefore welding masks, LEDS ect wd be best off going to someone else cheers me ducks. I hope I haven't destroyed this page by editing it).
  • Sarah Pym & Al (we don't do knitting! No knitting stuff! :-)

The original announcement:

Is anyone interested in participating in a crafty Secret Santa? The idea is, you tell me if you are, and then I send the name of one other person to everyone who is playing. You buy that person something craft-related - not expensive, any cost between two and ten pounds - and wrap it up for them. We could have a pubmeet to exchange gifts, and those who wouldn't be able to make a pubmeet can participate by post.

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