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People signed up so far:

  • ewt
  • Juliet (I knit, but am vegan so don't use wool, & don't get on with 100% acrylic (though 50-50 cotton/acrylic mix is fine). Also sew, & have just started playing with beadwork a bit.)
  • Marna (I like lots of things! And lots of colours! I am not colourist.)
  • Kirsten (I knit, and that's about it, but I'd like to try new things. I like shiny sparkly things, and machine-washable things. I like purple, and pink, and deep jewel tones)
  • Kake (I like lots of things too! Some nice yarn (not acrylic) would be good, as would something related to a completely new craft or material that I have never played with before. I like purples, greens, reds and blacks much more than I do pinks and pastels and yellows.)
  • Tamsin (I also like lots of things, but particularly yarn and beads, I don't generally like greens/beiges/browns but I do like black/burgandy/red/purple/dark blue and all the metallics and sparkles).
  • Sarah (who adds that she only does wee bits of knitting and crochet therefore welding masks, LEDS ect wd be best off going to someone else cheers me ducks. Cotton good, as well as fun fuzzy yarn! I hope I haven't destroyed this page by editing it).
  • Sarah Pym & Al (we don't do knitting! No knitting stuff! :-)
  • Karen (some nice wool, or anything!)

The original announcement:

Is anyone interested in participating in a crafty Secret Santa? The idea is, you tell me if you are, and then I send the name of one other person to everyone who is playing. You buy that person something craft-related - not expensive, any cost between two and ten pounds - and wrap it up for them. We could have a pubmeet to exchange gifts, and those who wouldn't be able to make a pubmeet can participate by post.

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