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Projects doable with two skeins of yarn.

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  • Scarves are about perfect for two skeins. I made one for Sean's sister in Noro Cash Iroha. Two skeins was enough for a medium sized scarf, and I kept some back to make a long fringe. I used some odd bits of mohair and tape yarn with the main yarn in the fringe, to make it extra-pretty.
  • Sarah Peasley explains in her April 4, 2004 entry a good way to make sure you get the most out of your two skeins: work some kind of pattern - she suggests lace - for about a foot, then switch to stocking stitch until the first skein runs out. Then make another identical piece and attach them together using kitchener stitch.
  • Two skeins will also make a decent sized bag. I'm concocting one now from left-over Rowan Big Wool.
  • You can generally make a pair of [socks]? from two skeins.
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