Juliet's Yarn Stash

In no particular order:

  • 500g Georges Picaud green-grey & silver viscose yarn. No clue what I am going to do with this. There's quite a bit of it, & it's quite shiny. I should try swatching it & see what it looks like knit up. You got this from ebay, didn't you? :) It looks crap knitted up in stockinette, and not much better in garter stitch. The loose green bits that make it look like barbed wire just stick out and look untidy. It looks very nice and drapes very well crocheted in diagonal box stitch, so maybe moss stitch or a variant? Or if you do fancy trying your hand at crochet rather than knitting, some kind of wrap in the diagonal box stitch would suit you very well, if you don't mind wearing such a thing. I can really see you in it. If you don't want all the yarn I wouldn't mind taking some off your hands. I also have 500g but I think my blanket will need a bit more than that. --Kake

Hmm. I might have a look through the knitting encylopaedia thing & see if I can find anything that looks like the diagonal box stitch. I'm not inclined right now to try crochet, but I might change my mind. A wrap-type thing might not be a bad idea - cheers! I'll certainly give you any left over once I've worked out what I'm doing with it. --Juliet

  • c.1000g undyed soft cotton.
  • 250g mid-blue cotton perle. Am thinking of making a top with a nice lace-ish pattern I've seen (but cannot yet find instructions for, grr).* 200g dark blue "lumpy" cotton (don't know how else to describe it), along with c.75g light blue, c.75g peach/pink, & c.40g white of the same sort of "lumpy" yarn.
  • c.400g Sahara (bright pinky-red) cotton.
  • 150g mid-blue & 50g dark blue Jaeger Siena cotton. Vest top, probably. I can always use more tops.
  • 50g charcoal Rowan "softer" cotton (it was on sale. It feels *lovely* but I have no idea what to make with it. I used the same stuff for socks for jess & Pete for Christmas, but I don't really want socks myself. I'm sure I'll think of something. I'd love to be able to afford a whole sweater's worth of the stuff, but it's usually 6 for 50g so, er, no).
  • Just under 250g black cotton (left over from Pete's jumper).
  • Assorted remnants and ends:
    • c.100g thick grey cotton (from jess' cardigan).
    • Green/red/purple Fandango
    • Black cotton chenille
    • Bright yellow/green/blue/purple viscose/cotton ribbon
    • Pink/grey viscose tape
    • Blue/green/purple cotton tape
    • Black eyelash yarn
    • Bright mid-blue acrylic
    • Lilac acrylic
    • c.50g black/silver fake mohair
    • just under 50g navy blue cotton/acrylic mix.

In use:

  • c.800g charcoal thin slub cotton - currently being turned into a dress.
  • 400g pink cotton ribbon - being turned into a vest top.

Yarn I want

  • Pinched from Kake's Wish List: soy silk.
  • Enough Colinette Wigwam in Velvet Bilberry, Aubergine, or possibly Summer Berries, to make a top. 3 or 4 skeins, I guess? I shall save my pennies...

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