Kake's Wish List

doop said I should make a wish list of yarn that I like, so people know what to get me as presents. Here are the craft-related things that I'm likely to use.


  • A McMorran yarn balance - a small gadget; I've seen it online for about 20USD.
  • A knitting machine - any kind as long as it's standard bed, second hand is fine, I've never used one and just want to have a play.
  • Something to keep my darning needles in. Something like the case shown here. Empty Choco Baby containers are ideal.
  • A pair of Addi Turbos, so I can see if I like them. 4mm or smaller are likely to get the most use.


Where specific colours are not mentioned, remember that I like blacks, purples, deep greens. Deep, vibrant colours rather than pastels.

Dye lot is important for some yarns; I've tried to indicate useful amounts to buy in these cases. But I can always make something stripy, so smaller amounts of these yarns are also good. Dye lots generally don't matter for colour-varying yarns like most Noro.

In general I prefer double knitting [or lighter weight] over bulky/chunky yarns. But this is only a very general rule.

  • [Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock]? - available here
  • Jaeger Albany in Damson shade - about 13 balls will make a summer top
  • [Rowan Cork]? - 13 balls will make a jumper
  • [Rowan Rowanspun]? (double knitting or 4-ply) - not sure how much of this I would need
  • Rowan Linen Drape - 17 balls will make a jumper (has been discontinued so may be hard to find)
  • Rowan Fine Cotton Chenille - any amount of this is good. It has been discontinued so may be hard to find. It sometimes appears on ebay.
  • Noro Cash Iroha
  • Noro Kureyon
  • [Colinette]? yarns - the cottons rather than the wools, the lighter weights rather than the chunky stuff like point 5
  • Euroflax - don't know anything about this other than that people on some of my mailing lists recommend it. It is a linen yarn.
  • Boucle yarns - I played with some of this recently and I really quite like it for crochet.
  • Soy Silk
  • ewe-nique knits and yarns on ebay often has some very nice stuff, sold on cones and so something of a bargain for the amount you get


  • Dying equipment and dye. I have some 100% silk that I would like to dye, so I need dye that will work on that. I am also interested in dying hemp.
  • Clear plastic Regia boots to show off my socks.
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