Kake's Cash Iroha Coronet

doop got me some purple Noro Cash Iroha for Christmas, yay doop. I used just over half of it to make the Coronet hat from the latest Knitty. It only took a bit of bus-riding and a couple of evenings and I like it very much. Completed December 2003.

I couldn't get any 5mm double-pointed needles, so I did the band in the "small" size at the correct gauge but then switched to 4mm double-pointeds and the "medium" size. I followed the pattern exactly but when it was finished the top was a bit crinkly. I asked for advice on the ample knitters mailing list and a poster there agreed with me that this is probably because I wasn't decreasing enough soon enough. She suggested that I try her method for a smooth top - halve the stitches, knit an inch or so, halve the stitches, knit half an inch or so, and so on. I will try this next time.

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