Lucy's Projects

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Please see the Whatwhen for up-to-date information!

When I have photos there will be individual pages. For now there is a list of what I'm working on. In brackets is an indication of the percentage completeness of the project. If the number's in bold it means I recently finished it.


  • I recently joined in a new LARP campaign, Shards, and have made costumes and beadwork for it. This stuff has its own page.


  • white buttoned shirt, buttons replaced with beads (100%)
  • white buttoned shirt, edited. (100%) green-check-shirt
  • Angel costume for the goth fashion show at Whitby Gothic Weekend X, made of white velvet with a blue shimmery sash. A good (large) photo is at (1st Sunday Evening photo)(100%)
  • Black t-shirt, has acrylic-paint stencil of Thea Gilmore added (100%)
  • Yellow vest top having dragon rondel (from kimono pattern) embroidered in seed beads (begun 28 Aug 03, finished 4 Sep.) (100%)
  • White cotton sunhat having blue seed beads added (100%) (Donated to ewt.)
  • Patchwork apron with appliqued motifs, beads, bells and trimmings (neverending)
  • Green and brown velvet beaded scarf (who knows? 75%?)
  • Black velvet hat with integral red cotton lining, beaded brim (50%)

(Have two more tops to work on!)


  • Black and raspberry daisy-chain necklace with added loops (70%)
  • multi-coloured sewn seed-bead short necklace (100%) multi-seed-tutorial
  • Brown/red wooden strung-bead choker (90%)
  • Purple bead/amethyst necklace (100%, but not very good)
  • Blue-green mixed seed-bead necklace with dangling loops (90%)
  • Clear/red seed-bead flat choker (sewn pattern) (100%)
  • Several multicoloured seed-bead strung necklaces (90%)


  • Shell and bead drop earrings for a competition (75%)
  • Blue mix chandelier earrings to match the blue mix loop necklace (begun Sep 7) (15%)

Other Jewellery

  • Seed-bead cluster rings, wire base (100%)
  • Thread-based beaded ring (red with silver rose centre) (100%)
  • Pink beaded bracelet (90%)
  • Some weird pendants made of wire and beads. Only pictures can adequately explain.
  • freeform peyote-stitch bracelet in pinks, purples and blues. (20%)


  • Papiermache box, painted to resemble wood (prop) (99%)
  • Small gold-covered box with bird design added (100%)


  • Duct tape shoulderbag, with pocket on one side and 'L' logo on the other. (100%) Duct Tape Shoulderbag Tutorial
  • Reddish lined bag with wooden beads (60%)
  • Green velvet evening bag (40%)
  • Bag as gift for friend. Still deciding on fabric.

Dolls and Toys

  • Pink-and-white furry mouse toy (75%)
  • Peg doll, Anthy Himemiya in Rose Bride costume (from the anime Shoujo Kakumei Utena) (75%)
  • Peg doll, Yomiko Readman (from the anime Read Or Die) (25%)

Other Stuff

  • glass marble magnets with pictures underneath (20%)
  • dough beads for LARP event. Need painting. (50%)

More to come.

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