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Nick picked out the yarn and I decided to do the scarf in baby cable rib. It looked great. Completed Monday 1 March 2004.

The pattern

Creative Commons License
This knitting pattern is copyright 2004 Kake L Pugh and is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

You will need 3 balls of Sirdar Wow. I used the imperial purple. Use 6mm needles. Gauge is not exceedingly important, but I got 10st/10cm working in pattern.

Special abbreviation: BCR (baby cable rib) = K2 tog, but leave them on the left-hand needle. Insert the right-hand needle between the 2 stitches just knitted together, and knit the 1st one again; then slip both stitches from the needle together.

  • Cast on 18 stitches using the lace cast on for stretchiness.
  • Row 1: P2, (K2, P2) to end.
  • Row 2: K2, (P2, K2) to end.
  • Row 3: As row 1.
  • Row 4: K2, P2, (BCR, P2) to last 2 st, K2.

Repeat these four rows until you run out of yarn, ending after a row 2. Cast off and darn in ends.

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