Old School

YARN This is what I had in 2004.

  • * Big bag of purple and blue mohair from charity shop, ever so slightly squished - about 5-6 balls.
  • * 2 x large balls of a white and light green dappled baby yarn (PAPOOSE brand, marvellous)
  • * 1 x ball of Sirdar Wow, in lilac - I want to make "something nice and cuddly" with it. Maybe... a ball or a snail or something.
  • * 2 x balls of [Paton's Funky Chunky]? in greys and pink/reds - mostly used for just practice... bit too thick for me I think
  • * 1 x ball purple [Jaeger Cotton]?
  • * 1 x cone of dark green acrylic (3 ply?) from Kake
  • * 1 x cone of light green acrylic (rather thin) from Kake. Intending to hold the two greens together and make a light summer top from them, but not got round to doing anything on this yet.
  • * Just under half a cone of an eyelash chenile type thing in black from [Marna]? - not sure what to do with this yet, but it's nice twisted up with another yarn.
  • * 2 x balls of lovely Noro Kureyon from Kake - intended for the shawl.
  • * 6 skeins (!) of dark/medium/light blue, black, baby pink and ooh another colour too of 4ply worsted weight yarn - going on a stripey blanket.
  • * 4 x balls of orange and white Sirdar Snuggly (special offer from lovely Walthamstow shop - now being used for Sunbeam Baby Quick Knit jumper.


2 x skeins of Rowan Biggy Print - nice for a big chunky yarn but ever so pricey. Nice colour combinations though. Large ball of lovely-feeling burgundy yarn, unmarked. Consumed in the tie disaster. Cheap from the market though so no worries.


SOX - self-expl, ya?

[Sarah's Shawl]? - this summer, I R mostly planning to be an ponce

[Sarah's Blanket]? - the skinny tie is now a blanket edging! Argh no it's not, it didn't go, upon unwravelling it we're nearly having a DISASTER, oh lawks a mercy help me.

Sunbeam Baby Quick Knit -knitted jumper for a toddler in Sirdar Snuggly (sleeves, neckband and making up to do now, losing enthusiasm somewhat but mostly just because I don't quite understand how to read the pattern, I'll get over it.)

Moebius Scarf! - quick! another london.crafts meeting soon because quite frankly the starting instructions are slightly baffling. Click the link for more. (Also Crochet Moebius Scarf - it's slightly cheating as you just fold it instead of knitting... but hey :)


Doomed Legwarmers - doomed but yet I refuse to give up hope entirely


Sarah's Biggy Hat - knitted in chunky yarn and finished!

Fingerless Gloves - as the wonderful Lithuanian (was it them, not Latvia wozzit? anyway) Eurovision entrants from last years sang: "it's the eighties coming back", ooh, wonderful.

Sarah's Skinny Tie ABANDONED!

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