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Stalled projects


  • [Kake's Linen Drape Top With Set-in Sleeves]? - Need to undo some as I forgot to make a v-neck. Also I think there's some broken glass in it since I dropped a pint glass on top of it and it smashed.

Ongoing projects (continuous learning etc)

Abandoned projects

Completed projects


  • Purple Cash Iroha hat for Holly (completed Thursday 8 December 2003)
  • Crocheted scarlet chenille baby blanket for Holly (completed Tuesday 16 December 2003)
  • Bright pink baby jumper for Katy (completed Sunday 19 October 2003)
  • purple crochet baby jacket for Katy
  • purple crochet baby bootees for Katy
  • bright pink crochet baby bootees for Katy
  • green crochet baby blanket for Katy (double crochet)
  • blue and white crochet baby blanket for Katy (filet border)

Patterns to try

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